Moderately sized fishing town. 200+ inhabitants. Mostly Human with some Dwarves, Elves and Halflings. On the West coast of the continent, they trade with nearby villages and other ports.

Protects by a wall surrounding the town and extending into the sea to prevent other entry’s. One large gate provides an entrance and both wall and gate are manned 24/7 by the town’s guards.

Overseen by an elected official, the counsellor, which changes every 3 years without exception. The current counsellor, Thokam Fairseas, has been in this position for 2 years.

Key locations within the town:

  • The Docks which has numerous warehouses and the Harbour Masters Office.
    Counsellor’s residence which is grand with large entry room and office for the Counsellor.
    Shelter from the Storm is the town’s inn/tavern. Owned and run by Zyldi.
    Lucan’s Magical Emporium sells magical artefacts that may be more useless than useful.


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